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Supernatrual Missing Episodes
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A place for writers to post their Supernatural Fan Fiction.
This community is for writers to post their casefic for Supernatural. There are a few guidelines for posting.

1) It must be a casefic. Meaning that it should be structured like an episode from the show.
a) It has to have a bad guy. It could be human or other. But there must be someone they are at odds with.
b) It must have all the elements the show has: investigation, conflict, & resoultion.

2) No wincest! Sorry but it would never happen on the show, so it won't happen here.

3) Alternate realities: unless it is explained and is part of the plot of the story. Like the guys get pulled into a past life, a demon or creature messes with them in some way trapping them in an AU (like with the Jinn). Otherwise it's not allowed. Basicly it has to be able to end up in the end with the guys back in the right reality. Now if you have a series or a story that changes something about the show or gets Jossed (lack of a better term) you can still post it. Just make sure it's in the story info. Stories do need to keep with the basic rules as set forth by EK and crew.

4) No death fics. Much like the AU rule, you can kill the boys or another character as long as it is in the end something that either gets fixed by the end or in your next story. We all know the boys have a habit of coming back from the dead, so that is ok. Just no big everyone dies stories. Let's leave that for EK to determine and write.

5) No one shots, drabbles, missing scenes, etc. These are complete stories. They are only bits. And this is a community for episode like stories. Not that I don't love those types of stories.

6) OFC/OMC are ok. As long as it is something like you would see on the show. I have no problem if you want to hook the guys up with somone randomly. But no getting them married or having a new permant addition to the road trip. You can have a character that is reoccuring and in several of your stories tho. I love reoccuring characters. Just they shouldn't be around every single time. Try to keep the entries in the community to stuff like you would see on the show.

7) Wee!chester/Preseries: I love 'em and as long as they are episode like I have no problem with a story being entirely pre-series. Please make sure you note that in the description. Also feel free to work in flashbacks during a story like they have on the show. It is always welcome.

8) Language/violence: Ok try to keep it to what you would see on the show. Since it is writing you can get a little more violent, and use more language. Just make sure you rate correctly and have proper warnings.

9) Sex: Ok this one I gotta stick to. Keep it to what you would see on the show. Don't get overly graphic and way too discriptive. No PWPs!

10) You can use any of the tags already created as long as they pretain to the story. I will create author tags as needed for authors who submit several stories.

11) Episodes not featuring the brothers: totally welcome as long as they are about one of the character from the show. It can be a hunt that Bobby did alone. Or an episode where another hunter is working a case (like Ellen, Jo, Gordon, Elkins, John, whoever). Just choose the correct tags for the story.

12) Crossovers: I will not be allowing crossovers. This is a community for SN episode fics only. Crossovers muck up the cosmology a lot of times.

Subject Line:

Ok some rules about the formatting of your subject line. It should include the following:

Title ch#/out of [rating] Character (genre)


Supernatural 1/? [T] Sam, Dean (Horror)

Story Info to include in your post:

Author: (yes you can include links to fics that aren't yours but you must include the author here, and try to make sure it's not already list)
Series: (if it is part of a series)
Rating: (you can use either of the common rating scales: G,PG,R or E,T,M up to you)
Paring: (if any)
Characters: (any other characters with a major role in the story, including OFC/OMCs)
Genre: (you can list more then one here, please only list one in the subject line)
Warnings: (if any)
Spoilers: (if any)
Timeline: (if important to the story)
Status: (WIP or Complete - both are accepted)
Link: (This should be a link to the story. It can be to any where here on LJ, on a forum, on FF.net, up to you really. Also you can post the story itself if you want but make sure it is under a LJ cut tag)
Summary: (Please no more then 300 words)

Well those are all of the rules. Have fun.

Also there is a matching community over on FF.net I made as well. So feel free to have your stories listed there as well.



May include an image in your post to be a teaser for the story, however the dimensions can not be greater then 400x150 in order to keep things minimal for everyone viewing.