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Head Trip 1-13 [R] Sam, Dean, Bobby (Drama)
Head Trip
exangel42 wrote in sn_missingeps
Title: Head Trip
Author: Exangel42
Series: first in an untitled series
Rating: R
Paring: Sam/Jess
Characters: Sam, Dean, Bobby, Jess, John, Mary
Genre: Limp!Sam Hurt/Comfort Drama Psychological Angst
Warnings: Graphic violence, language, abuse
Spoilers: through 4.10
Timeline: Mid season 4
Status: Complete
Disclaimer: Based on the Series Supernatural. Copyright infringement not intended.
Summary: Sam wakes up in a mental hospital and is told that Dean isn't real. Meanwhile Dean & Bobby try to care for Sam who was injured during a hunt and has yet to regain consciousness. Sam begins to flash back and forth between realities. He tries to hold on to his sanity.


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