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66 Seals of Doom on the Wall, 1/12, Dean, Sam, Drama
adrenalineshots wrote in sn_missingeps
Title: 66 Seals of Doom on the Wall
Author: Ophium
Rating: R
Paring: No pairings
Characters: Dean; Sam, Bobby, Castiel
Genre: Drama; Suspence, Apocalypse fic
Warnings: Bad language and dark themes
Spoilers: Spoilers up until 4.03
Timeline: Set right after the final scene in 4.03
Status: Complete
Disclaimer: I asked Santa last Christmas, but he said I was too naughty and couldn't have them, so, Kripke and the CW still owe them
Summary: There' something different about Dean. Something he forgot, something that Heaven wants him to remember. There' something that Sam forgot, something that Hell wants him to never remember. In the end, it's each other that they must remember, or the world as they know it will end.


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